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Month: March 2021

To get their favorite goan bhandari CALL GIRL sunaina chodan and other frauds monthly government salary without doing any computer work, LIAR FRAUD brahmin/bania ntro/raw employees FAKING their relation with domain investor

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LIAR FRAUD brahmin/bania ntro/raw employee especially brahmin frauds j srinivasan, puneet, tushar parekh, vijay are aware that their their favorite goan bhandari CALL GIRL sunaina chodan, sindhi SCAMMER SCHOOL DROPOUT housewife cbi employee naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh, her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil, riddhi nayak caro, nayanshree, asmita patel and other fraud raw/cbi employees do not want to invest money in domains, do not do any kind of computer work at all.

Yet in a major FINANCIAL, ONLINE FRAUD, labor law violations the LIAR NTRO/RAW employees are faking their relationship with a single woman engineer, domain investor who they HATE to get their real girlfriends and associates, monthly government salary without doing any computer work , without investing any money online,

These fraud ntro/raw employees are running a bigger extortion racket than any police stealing the impressive resume of the single woman domain investor to get their real girlfriends especially dog owning hot pant wearing goan bhandari CALL GIRL sunaina chodan a monthly government salary at the expense of the real domain investor

So the real domain investor is wasting time daily to expose the relationship, resume theft fraud of the NTRO/raw employees since 2013 since sex bribe taking ntro employees continue to shamelessly make fake claims about their favorite panaji call girl

Domain sold after NTRO/raw employees openly admit their HATRED for domain investor in a game of faking relationship they won for 11 years

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Usually most people do not make fake claims about the savings, assets, resume of a person they HATE, and do not interact with. Also people, government agencies in multiple states, central government believe in the lies of the frauds faking their relation with a single woman they HATE to give government jobs to the real girlfriends of top officials

Yet indicating that ntro/raw employees are the greatest fraudsters in the world, for more than 11 years, the ntro/raw employees have run one of the greatest online, financial rackets in the world, making fake claims about the resume, bank account, savings, assets of the goa 1989 jee topper, a single woman engineer who the government employees HATE, falsely claiming help and have got their lazy greedy real girlfriends raw/cbi jobs with monthly salaries, great powers while the single woman engineer is CRIMINALLY DEFAMED in the worst manner.

It is an indication of the great acting skills of the brahmin mhow monster ntro employee puneet, and others that they managed to continue with their HELP-HATRED FRAUD for the last 11 years without being questioned

After the engineer has wasted 7-8 years complaining, finally some people are agreeing that the ntro/raw employees actually HATE the domain investor, it is a very cunning way to destroy the reputation, life of a person they actually HATE, and a domain exposing the relationship fraud was sold at a very good price . The content is reposted on this domain, so that people are aware of how cunning the ntro/raw employees are

Indian government agencies make FAKE RELATIONSHIP stories to continue their Rs one crore financial fraud on goa 1989 jee topper

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The indian tech, internet companies, state and indian government are aware that there is no connection at all between the goa 1989 jee topper, a single woman engineer and the ntro/raw/cbi employees especially her fraud btech 1993 ee classmates from india’s top engineering college, like mhow monster puneet, j srinivasan, tushar parekh, vijay, patel, parmar, nikhil sha who HATE her, she does not have their phone number or email address

Yet in one of the greatest CYBERCRIMES, financial frauds in history since 2010, the ntro, raw, cbi employees are beating ex-google engineer anthony levandowski in data theft, stealing more than 14 million files from her, files are robbed daily, and then the google, tata sponsored call girl, cheater, robber, fraud raw/cbi employees are falsely claiming that they are doing the computer work, investing money in domains to get monthly government salaries at the expense of the goa 1989 jee topper

Additionally the government agencies, indian tech and internet companies led by google, tata are openly involved in CRIMINAL DEFAMATION of the goa 1989 jee topper, falsely claiming that her domains, paypal, bank account belongs to the lazy greedy goan call girl, cheater robber housewives and other fraud raw/cbi employees who are the girlfriends of the ntro, raw, cbi employees when the bank account belongs to the goa 1989 jee topper alone, no one is helping her in any way at all.
The google, tata sponsored 15 lazy greedy fraud raw/cbi employees are free to open their own paypal, bank account, purchase the domains legally, yet they are least interested in doing so for the last 11 years, instead criminally defame her in the worst manner, and then make fake claims of domain ownership, paypal, bank account to get monthly raw/cbi salaries at her expense, showing that CRIMINAL DEFAMATION of hardworking skilled citizens has become the biggest racket in India ,a quick and easy way to get a monthly government salary

Though google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi , indian tech and internet companies are aware that the the brahmin tata power employee guruprasad’s wife nayanshree, goan bhandari sunaina chodan, robber riddhi nayak caro and other fraud raw/cbi employees are not even interested in doing any computer work,or purchasing computer hardware being shameless section 420 frauds they refuse to question brahmin cheater ntro employee j srinivasan, punet, parmar on why they are making completely fake claims that their lazy greedy fraud girlfriends who do not spend any money on domains, own the domains, bank account of a single woman they HATE