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The Nikki Yadav case, shows why raw/cbi employees should forget working with the domain investor in future

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Though no one has contacted or helped the domain investor since 2010, the raw/cbi employees continue to closely monitor her, thinking they can force her to work for them at a very low rate
The raw/cbi employees are being very unrealistic, since they are expecting the person whose life they have ruined completely for the last 13 years with their vicious SLANDER , cheating her of more than Rs 15 lakh annually to help them.
The brutal death of Nikki Yadav by her boyfriend Sahil Gehlot shows that pressure or forcing a person cannot change the relationship. Sahil Gehlot wanted to end his relationship, so he decided to marry another woman. Nikki Yadav objected and she was brutally killed, strangled to death
The raw/cbi employees showed that they did not care for the single woman, when they committing banking, online, financial fraud on her, making her work very hard for very less money, while slandering her in the worst manner and getting very good salaries for themselves
Yet showing how greedy and selfish the raw/cbi employees are,they still expect the woman whose life they destroyed to continue working for them. It is time government agencies are realistic, and leave the citizens they have falsely accused alone.