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Month: June 2022

Google founder Sergey Brin files for divorce second time

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The media mentioned that Google founder Sergey Brin had filed for divorce the second time, from his second wife Nicole Shanahan who had a chinese mother. Sergey brin was earlier married to Anne Wojicki and divorced her in 2015. He married his second wife in 2018 and the divorce is announced 4 years later. This shows that relationships keep on changing, yet in india, a google competitor, single woman engineer, is expected to tolerate resume theft by government officials who hate her, never helped her in any way and never contacted her based on fake relationships.
Now the government officials are also claiming that protestors are not eligible for government jobs, yet the fact is that if the domain investor did not protest against the financial fraud, government slavery, more cheaters would get government jobs faking her bank account, domain ownership.
Instead of admitting that their well paid employees are making mistakes and correcting the mistakes,the government is penalizing the victims who are already suffering from very great losses due to the financial fraud, government SLAVERY