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Month: May 2023

Cunning brahmin cheater puneet fake help fraud in 2010-2012 ruined the domain investor’s life

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Usually when a person is falsely accused, their family member or a true well wisher will help them, and will be able to prove that the person is innocent if there is no evidence against the person
In case of the domain investor, engineer, she was cursed that the Cunning brahmin cheater government employee puneet who actually HATED her was allowed to fake help, interfere in her life, so that she was not allowed to defend herself directly and prove that she was innocent.
the cheater puneet who actually HATED her, was extremely cunning in blindly believing in and rewarding all those who were making fake allegations without any proof at all, he never contacted the single woman and did not give her any opportunity to defend herself
Finding that criminally defaming the single woman was very lucrative, a large number of people were making fake allegations to ruin her reputation completely and the fake allegations were used to cheat, exploit, rob the single woman, run a massive government SLAVERY racket
Instead of having pity on the single woman who was falsely accused, cheated, exploited, robbed, tortured based only on FAKE ALLEGATIONS, suffered greatly, the government agencies continue their atrocties on the single woman to cheat, exploit, rob her for the rest of her life