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greedy goan bhandari fraud purvi in live in relationship with boyfriend

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Some of the greatest liars in panaji goa are the dog owning hot pant wearing goan bhandari sisters R&AW employees sunaina chodan, her sisters purvi, piyali who are faking computer work, website ownership for the last eight years to get monthly government salaries and great powers
These shameless greedy goan bhandari sisters do not even want to purchase a computer and do not want to do any computer work themselves, do not want to invest money in domains, they and their LIAR relatives like pritesh chodankar, naik are criminally defaming a hardworking non-goan bhandari single woman engineer, and then falsely claiming to own her websites, domains, bank account to get great powers
The greedy goan bhandari fraud purvi is in live in relationship with boyfriend. She issues death threats to people in the area, using her dog to intercept them. The boyfriend is linked with a goan hardware manufacturing company, and is spotted using their umbrella during the monsoon.

Bank details, income tax returns, legal information will also legally expose the fraud of the greedy goan bhandari sisters. Piyali (name changed) was divorced from her first husband in 2014, and the details were posted in the official gazette with the real name. Yet indicating the high levels of fraud in panaji, goa, government officials, politicians, google, tata, indian internet companies and others are supporting the greedy shameless goan bhandari sisters in their website, bank account ownership fraud

No one in the indian internet and tech sector, goa, indian government, goan media has the honesty, humanity to answer why these GREEDY SHAMELESS LIAR panji goan bhandari fraud sisters are not legally opening their bank account, purchasing the domains legally and getting them transferred in their name, rely on their LIAR FRAUD relatives working in goa government like pritesh chodankar, naik, fraud brahmin ntro employees like j srinivasan, puneet and LIAR GREEDY companies like google, tata, goan hardware company, to make FAKE CLAIMS in a FINANCIAL FRAUD, violating labor laws since 2012